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Judd Hill Plantation Cemetery

Judd Hill Plantation began as a wedding gift from Judd Hill to his daughter, Mrs. Ester Hill Chapin, and her new husband, Sam Chapin. The Chapins created one of the largest, contiguous farms in Poinsett County. Combining row crops with a cattle operation, Judd Hill Plantation quickly became one of the premiere farms in Northeast Arkansas.

The work force on Judd Hill land consisted of three groups: sharecroppers, renters, and day, or wage, laborers.  In 1934, sixty-eight families, all African Americans, tended plots of ground ranging from five to 40 acres and lived on the land.  Today, the African American cemetery on site has been restored and is maintained.  Judd Hill reunions are held annually to raise awareness and funds for African American students in Poinsett County.