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As you explore our 15-county Arkansas Delta Byways tourism region, you will discover friendly people; changing crops with their own unique beauty; a diverse music heritage rooted in the fields and churches; a pristine natural environment for bird watching, hunting and fishing; charming small towns; and a strong African American heritage -- sometimes proud, sometimes painful -- which makes for a “real” story. As you travel the byways of this unique region, take time to get off the beaten path and discover for yourself some of the many hidden treasures of the Arkansas Delta.

Drive & Discover

The Arkansas territory immediately west of the Mississippi River is a rich tapestry of history and cultures, woven together to create the phenomenon we call The Arkansas Delta. Explore at close range this region we call home and gain a deeper understanding of why we love it so much. Arkansas's recorded history is anchored here, where the early settlers crossed the Mississippi and located among the swamps and bayous. Long before the settlers, however, the region was home to Native Americans. Local festivals and events convey the unique flavor of the Delta, while regional museums interpret the impact of such historic events as the De Soto Expedition, the Louisiana Purchase, the Civil War, the New Madrid Earthquakes, and the Flood of 1927.

Along with our officially designated and marked scenic byways routes, which provide a geographic guide through the region, we have established some special trails to provide a more immersive experience with a few aspects of our heritage. Choose a theme, learn and enjoy.

Arkansas Delta Music Trail: Sounds from the Soil and Soul

The Arkansas Delta is home to a wealth of sites that are significant in the development of American Music. Here are some recommended places to visit.



Cotton Plant



Helena-West Helena





Turkey Scratch



West Memphis

African American Heritage Trail

Many of the traditions of African Americans in the Arkansas Delta are not cataloged in museums. These traditions are carried through the music heard in churches and juke joints; the stories told on front porches and family reunions; the means of remembering the departed, and the sense of interconnectedness and shared experiences of black families and communities in the Delta. Below are some possible stops on your journey through the African American heritage of the region.

Museums and Exhibits

Monuments and Memorials

  • Elaine Massacre Memorial, Helena-West Helena
  • Memorial/Tribute Markers (See listings on the Arkansas Delta Music Trail)

Final Resting Places