American cultural and a sometimes proud, sometimes painful
history and heritage – both of which will make for a “real”story.


Arkansas's recorded history is anchored here, where the early
settlers crossed
the Mississippi and located among the swamps
and bayous.  Long before
the settlers, however, the region 
was home to Native Americans.


Local festivals and events convey the unique flavor of
the Delta,
while regional museums interpret the impact
of such historic events
as the De Soto Expedition, the
Louisiana Purchase, the Civil War,
the New Madrid
Earthquakes, and the Flood of 1927.

As you travel the byways of this unique region, take time to get off the beaten path and discover for yourself some of the many hidden treasures of the Arkansas Delta.

Explore the Arkansas Delta

Travelers to the Arkansas Delta quickly discover an elusive Delta mystique
that gives the region its own distinct feel. We think it has to do with the fertile soil deposited here by the Mississippi River and the recognition that what nature gives, it can easily take away. This acceptance leads to a special resilience in the people and diverse cultures that inhabit
this area.

As you explore the 15-county Arkansas Delta Byways tourism region, you will 
discover friendly people; changing crops with their own unique beauty; a diverse 
heritage rooted in the fields and churches; a pristine natural environment for bird watching, hunting and fishing; charming small towns; a strong African-

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