The One Thing You Have to Eat in Every State!

June 29, 2022

It's no secret why Food and Wine magazine selected "Barbecue sandwiches" for the one thing you have to eat in Arkansas.  And more specifically, Jones Bar-B-Q in our Arkansas Delta Byways region.Below is what the magazine had to say in its article published June 29, 2022:


"Some day we'll have a National Barbecue Hall of Fame, with an entire exhibit dedicated to sleepy Marianna's quietly magical Jones Bar-B-Q. The Mississippi Delta legend is often called the country's oldest Black-owned restaurant, having been around at least since the beginning of the 20th century. James Jones took the place over from his father, long before many of us were born. The recipe for wild success — the kind that has the place selling out of hickory and oak-smoked pork shoulder, sometimes just an hour after opening — has remained simple: a cinder block pit, piles of wood, and plenty of patience. This is where you come for one of America's finest pork sandwiches, all smoke and vinegar and flecks of fat, topped with a mustard-tinged slaw and served on basic white bread."